Our History

Looking for a new property can be a pain in the head, to see and find a property that you might like is almost impossible seeing the variety of properties that are available right now.

Not to mention that you have to find a property that can adjust to your pocket, since they aren’t cheap and cost a lot of money with lawyers and the complete procedure.


That’s why you don’t want to find just any great property. You want to find the perfect property that can adjust to your budget, and that’s when McLennan North makes an appearance. We are the best option in real estate in all Canada, we bring amazing solutions to any of your real estate problems.


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We started in real estate more than ten years ago. And since then, we began offering our multiples services to our clients. We became one of the favorites for many thanks to the customer service we provide.

We treat our clients with the respect that they deserve and that put us on the map in the first year of our services.
And now, with almost a decade past, we are still offering the same warm treatment to our clients, with respect and kindness. But most importantly, we find solutions to their real estate problems by finding the right property for them.

McLennan North has a long history helping countless clients find their right home. And that being our commitment with any citizen of Canada that is currently searching for the best options in real estate and are currently working with a tight budget.

Since the company was founded, we’ve developed a great system to find the best suitable home for any couple, family or group of friends that don’t have a big budget to work on.

And not only that, we guarantee results in a couple of days or weeks, since real estate used to be a long and arduous process, we’ve focused in delivering a better system to help our clients to find the property of their dreams in no-time.

That’s why McLennan North is your best choice since the day it was established. If you are looking for a real estate agent and have an overall tight budget or you just want the house of your dreams, trust us to get it done for you.
Don’t hesitate to call us and contract our services in real estate, since we are more than thrilled to help you in your search for the right home.